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LED Flashlight Optional Skills

  Such competitive incentives LED manufacturers expand their product types, and is actively seeking LED application areas with clear competitive advantages. Since then LED to your text dot matrix display, background pattern using light grille and bar graph arrays. The growing size and complexity of the digital display, 2-digit and 3-digit or 4-digit, 7-segment digital display complex text and pictures of 14-or 16-segment array. 1980, manufacturers are starting to provide intelligent dot-matrix LED displays. This technology is allowing the LED can be used in outdoor sports publishing and auto install Central High stop lamp (CHMSL) devices. Invention of the bright blue LED makes it possible to the realization of true-color advertisement display, this display is capable of displaying true color, full-motion video images.
 Blue LED appears so that people can use phosphorescent material to convert Blu-ray portion of the higher energy to convert into other colors. Only can be completely covered with LED light sources CIE color saturation of all colors in the curves, and color LED with phosphorus and organic integration of almost unlimited
What is the color. In terms of reliability, LED the half-life (which reduces the light output to the initial value in half the time) is probably between 10,000 and 100,000 hours. In contrast, small half-life indicating type incandescent lamps (where half-life is half the number of lamp failure time) typical value is 100,000 to thousands of hours, time depends on the rated lamp current