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Flashlight optional features

1. see yourself in any situation you want to use, such as night ride, night fishing, camping, caving, patrol and so on.
2. batteries, lithium batteries and two lithium batteries for rechargeable batteries, but low life expectancy, for about 2 years, LED the life of about 10 years, according to the actual situation to choose.
3. light bulbs, light bulbs out of the case, are difficult to distinguish with the naked eye it is good or bad, visible in the light of the consistency of the bulb.
4. look at aperture, is even a good LED flashlight aperture circular, LED torch with poor plaque is divided into yellow and blue color is not evenly distributed.
5. brightness, a good LED flashlight brightness high, slow decay rate.
6. waterproof, a good LED flashlight waterproof, seismic performance, which fell.
7. the appearance, we rather than I look, I can say no more. I aluminium casing and elegant appearance.
8. Select brand, brand is another definition of quality standards, there is no good quality is unlikely to be a well-known brand, so when choosing a flashlight, you need to know about brand flashlight. Based on how plenty on hand, you can choose different brands of flashlights. Surefire, flashlight industry deserved of King, certainly price also are is fighter level of; Inova, United States fashion flashlight of pioneer, price also not cheap; Maglite and LED Lenser this two are is civilian flashlight, but due to is foreign goods, price was fried have also is hot, certainly quality not than domestic of nextorch, and Fenix, and Jetbeam,Olight but also also is good; Fenix, and nextorch, and Jetbeam, The leader of domestic high-quality flashlight, better known in the international arena, not much price difference, nextorch slightly below the other two